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Drumoverdubs records drums on "Come On" seal the deal. Official song on UN Global Summit on Climate Change kicking off today in Copenhagan.My Excellence-COME ON seal the deal campaign

"My Name Is Jerry" wins best soundrack at International Filmakers Festival UK

Brian records for Annie Brooks new release "JUNE" @ Coupe Studios in Boulder. Produced by Brian Schey, Recorded and mixed by Greg McRae

Drumoverdubs records and performs drums on all original music for new indie film "My Name Is Jerry" Starring Doug Jones and Katherine Hicks coming fall 2009.


Winter 2009:working with Several European Artists:

Martin Klein-Vienna, Austria

Fabio Lopez-London, England

Richie Ulmer-Vienna, Austria

Artists produced by Filippo Gaetani Tuscanny, Italy/Vienna, Austria/L.A. California

HBO Boxing Promo "Thrilla in Manilla" produced by Distortion Music and Sound Design

Drumoverdubs used for Feature film trailer The Day The Earth Stood Still

Distortion Music and Sound Design

New gogoLab Holiday Album Complementary Ornament!

Drumoverdubs thanks Ann MacNally, Paul Cellluci, and Bob Rupp at Sabian for their continued support........That means New Gear! Lots of new colors for your tracks!

New Chameleon Labs 7602s are great on toms. The EQ is amazing!

John Fishell- Your Api's 7600's and Rosetta have a new home! Thanks for letting me try them!

Flobots "Fight with Tools" including the single "Handlebars" recorded in the small room by Greg McRae



Listen to samples from the new gogoLab album. All recorded in the "BIG" room.
• "The Deal"
• "The Face-off"
• "The Getaway"
• "The Girl"
• "The Playboy"
• "The Search"
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• Brian records DVD/CD set with XIREN at Red Rocks. Check it out here.

• New Xiren Single released to radio for "Everything". Listen here.

• New Xiren Music Video Launched. Watch w/RealPlayer.
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Take a listen to the latest DOD.COM project with Newcomers Home. Album produced by Gary Paczosa.

Newcomers Home (MP3 Samples):
"Anywhere but Here"
"Coming Back Around Again"
"In Your Face Again"