"Awesome sound. Great room. Fast turnaround. ...It's going to work a treat. I can't see there even being much use for my usually overworked UA plugs - it all sounds really natural and BIG. I've done quite a few sessions remotely like this - and this is BY FAR the best experience I've had, so thank you very much for your diligence and professionalism." David Chapman


"Brian McRae and Drumoverdubs can nail a perfect part on any song you send his way. His sense of groove and finding the right sounds is always on the money. And his impeccable playing will kick it up a notch for you
James Tuttle Mix Engineer Airshow Mastering 

"I just wanted to let you know how great the drums and the recording of the drums are. Really fine job. Levee kicks so much ass. I rarely hear room mic's that are worth a shit, but these are definitely good." Gary PaczosaProducer/Engineer/Mixer Nashville (Nickel Creek, Allison Krauss, Dolly Parton, Mindy Smith, Dixie Chicks)

"DRUMOVERDUBS proved to me that all drum track services are not equal. Brian’s drumming wasn’t just a drum track… he nailed the vibe of the song. I received great recording quality and creativity without the brain damage of worrying if the drummer was going to “get it.” Brian “gets it” and as a result I got it done right… I’m extremely pleased." 
James Paul Wisner Producer, Engineer, Mixing Engineer/Dashboard Confessional/New Found Glory

"The guys at marcussen mastering gave you huge props on your drum recording...They master all the big records...Check them out at 
marcussenmastering.com...Good work..." Kevin Teasley Distortion Music and Sound Design

" As a producer, I'm looking for musicians who are versatile, fearless, creative, and quick to learn- and Brian McRae is all that and more. I'd have a hard time believing anyone wouldn't be happy with what they got from him." Steve Berlin Producer/Los Lobos

"I am very happy with Brian tracks. He's been fast, musical and the drums sound great. He perfectly translated into real drums some tracks i programmed, giving a personal touch that was just perfect for the songs. The results exceeded my expectations." 
Filippo Gaetani Producer/Italy

"I think 
drumoverdubs.com is a stroke of genius! It gives songwriters who cannot afford to record live performances of their songs an incredible outlet to add a whole new dimension to their favorite tracks. Brian is a consummate studio musician with the ability to get to the essence of what you are looking for. I would recommend him to anyone!" Michael White (Producer/Engineer)

"Brian delivered more than just a typical drum part. His humanity, choice fills and great tones really made an impact on the Matt Jones project. He took the time to know the songs intimately and treat them individually and that's more than people have a right to expect from someone who isn't in their band."
 Evan Frankfort (L.A. Mix Engineer/Producer/Songwriter)

I lined up all the tracks (took all of 45 seconds)-I can't describe you how great they sound with no eq or anything-they slot right into the mix! Your playing is musical, mindful of the song, and the recording quality is top notch. I could not be any happier with the whole thing!! What a difference. I hope to do business with you again soon.
Steve Koch (Sound Lounge NYC)

"This was my first time taking songs I wrote into the studio, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Not only are these guys incredibly fun and easy to work with, their knowledge and experience of studio recording and the music industry as a whole was evident from the moment I walked in the door, till the moment the final song was mastered. Brian, Greg, and the rest of the Lyons Rock Council band were a pleasure to work with, and really helped shape everything beautifully from the first note to the last. It’s all about sound capture with these guys. They will literally do anything to capture the sounds we wanted. From banging on garbage cans, to tweaking guitar amps, their creative muscles worked wonderfully with expertise to produce wonderful sounds. Not only do I now have a great friendship with these guys, I have a killer record, at a fraction of the cost of most “high-end” studios. Great job guys, and I can’t wait to record again!! " 
Seth Bradley (Songwriter)

"Not many people would think that a drummer would ask another drummer to perform on their cd but I asked Brian to be on mine. Ya gotta know a master of a craft when you see/hear one and let me tell ya, Brian is one of 'em. True story." 
Kenny James - Drummer, songwriter, producer - Freelance/The Witching Hour/George Clinton/Celldweller/The Samples/etc.

" Brian loves to make a "hit song" into a "hit song". He appreciates songwriters and songwriting and at the same time, he can really kick into a groove. He is versatile in all styles and works well with all people. I have been playing, recording, writing and performing with Brian on and off for over 10 years, and I have loved every minute I have spent making music with him" 
Wendy Woo (Songwriter/Artist)

"Brian is a versatile Drummer with instinct. He know what to play and when. Having produced Brian, as part of the Sally Taylor Band, I found him to be flexible and easy to work with. He took direction very well, performed flawlessly and got his parts down quickly. Work with him. You'll be glad you did." Rob Gordon (President, W.A.R.? What Are Records?)

"One of the nice things about being around Brian McRae, is that he likes to jump in and be a part of the team. Whether you're in the studio grinding out a tedious part for a song, or cracking jokes on the bus, Brian is there as part of the team. I think this is as important as any special talent one may bring to the table. Brian just so happens to bring an innovative talent, and way of approaching music, in addition to his hard working attitude, and team spirit. He attacks projects with great intensity. I don't think I've ever met someone with more passion for the drum programming and overdub aspects of music." Marty Lloyd (Freddy Jones Band)
- Oh yeah, he also loves drinking $100 bottles of Robert Mondavi Cabernet at about 3:00am!!

"Brian McRae's Drumming is so fat he needs extra support bars to hold onto all that heavy groove."
Sally Taylor (Artist/Songwriter)

"One of the biggest challenges I constantly face in having the 'dream' group of recording/performing musicians is finding people of extraordinary talent that are extraordinary human beings. In that regard I feel lucky every time I work with Brian. Working with Brian is like having access to the chops of Omar Hakim, Stewart Copland & John Bohnam plus the excellent production ears."
Xiren (Artist/Songwriter)

"Brian is great to work with in the studio. He brings a huge assortment of drums to choose from, knows which ones to suggest then plays the hell out of them! What could be better than that?" Gannon Kashiwa (Universal Audio)

"Brian's playing and creative input brought a whole new level to the recording dates I produced in Boulder at Far and Away studios. He gave us everything we wanted and asked for, yet when we didn't quite know what we wanted, his great musical incentive filled in our blanks perfectly. I now consider Brian a necessary expenditure for any future record projects."David Snider (Producer, Arranger, and Musician - worked with Sonny Sharrock, Pat Benatar, Gato Barbieri, Vicki Sue Robinson, and Janis Ian.)

"Working with Brian McRae was a pleasure and a success. His insights both musically and with regard to studio production proved a great asset to the project. He could quickly grasp the concepts of the sounds we were going for and present us with new options to consider. His playing was decisive and tasteful. His experience really shows in his work and I look forward to the next project we work on together."
Christopher Jak

"Brian McRae is a true professional in talent and skill, and a delight to work with as a human being. His work on our projects is in the same league as the A-list players we worked with from Nashville and NY city."Rebecca Folsom (Artist/Songwriter)

"I've known Brian for years: gigged with him, toured with him, played on TV commercial sessions with him, recorded albums with him where we were both 'hired guns.' When it came time to do a recording project of my own this past winter, Brian was the first guy I called. He's a rock solid drummer with great rhythm, good ideas and a ton of great drums and cymbals to choose from to change up sounds from one song to the next. I'd recommend him to anyone."Chris Soucy (Guitar man/Writer)

"I loved having Brian work with me on my album. He brought much more than timekeeping to the project...dynamics, soul, musicianship...things that many drummers forget to pack when they head out to a session. Brian is a terrific drummer AND a terrific musician"Rich Moore (Artist)